ESSENTIALS FOR MOUNTAIN TRIPS - A small guide for beginners

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ESSENTIALS FOR MOUNTAIN TRIPS - A small guide for beginners

With the arrival of the good, warm weather, the call of the mountain seems to become more and more powerful for nature lovers. Most experienced of you already know the essentials to consider when it comes to a several-day tent trip to the mountains. The following addresses, in particular, to those of you "novices" in the mountains, but who know the health benefits and pleasure of maximum intensities that occur with spending time in nature.

So, here are the essentials if you are preparing for your first trip to the mountain tent.


THE TENT: your home for the priceless time spent in nature

A tent is obviously the most basic, yet important thing you need when you go hiking in the mountains. There, you will most likely encounter wind, rain, low temperatures, dust and various insects whose company you may not particularly want. All of the above are solid arguments for which the tent is indispensable, given the security and intimacy it offers.

Depending on the mode and field of use, the tents differ in several typologies, so you have enough options to choose the one that best suits you and your needs.

The extreme tent is a tent suitable for complex expeditions, that has the capacity to provide maximum protection, even in the most vitreous conditions including high altitudes or extreme weather conditions. If you are a beginner on mountain trips, it is probably not advisable to go ahead and get yourself one such tent. An easier variant in terms of its weight is the extremely light tent.

For beginner mountain excursions, the recommended tent is the mountain one, for the alpine areas, a tent that has a higher resistance for the conditions with which you will meet.

For the areas protected from the wind, there are camping tents, and in the case of longer camping with the family, it is recommended the family tent which will only be transported by car.


A pair of boots, your best friends on a hiking

The boots are the key factor of mountain equipment, some inadequate shoes that can spoil the goodness of the holidays. You will see that the mountain boots differ depending on the season and the difficulty of the terrain.

For a few days of hiking, during the summer, you can choose skirts or even sandals, but for a tour that has medium difficulty, boots or boots suitable for 3 seasons are recommended. The 4 season shoes are suitable for a complex expedition.

In any case, the boots must be durable, made of a waterproof, flexible material that allows the feet to breathe. These things are important for protection against sprains, stretches, folds, dampness, and cold.


Waterproof clothing 

When you go on a mountain tour, you are never sure what weather you will find, so it is always advisable to wear a raincoat, and/or Windstopper. Weather conditions are often misleading, so you will need to be prepared to protect yourself from the cold and moisture. Even if it is spring or summer, it is possible to meet snow, which is why snow umbrellas are also recommended to avoid dampening the feet. Also for such cases, thermo-socks are very advantageous.

It is important to know that, on the mountain, the keyword, concerning clothing, is the stratification: you need underwear as a base layer, then, a blouse, technical pants, a polar jacket, a waterproof jacket and overalls that are recommended in the cold season.



Before purchasing a backpack, it is important to clarify the length of the route to be followed. A backpack will be chosen based on volume, accessory, and suspension system.

Also, the backpack will need to be covered by a rain cover, if necessary, because although most backpacks are made of impermeable materials, water can penetrate through the zipper and seams area. Loading the backpack over the permissible capacity must be avoided.


Other accessories

For the situations when you will sleep a tent, of course, isopreneand a sleeping bag. For colder weather, a pair of gloves is essential, and sunglasses protect the eyes from intense light in any season.

The quality of the products chosen is very important, as they can have a life of up to 10 years if they belong to a brand with extensive experience in the field that offers maximum safety.

In addition, we came up with some useful tips for a lightweight backpack and a clean tent, that you should consider before going to nature's heart.