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Here are some essential tips on maintaining mountain boots, so that they stay in good condition for as long as possible. Prolonging the life of a pair of boots can be ensured by the following vital recommendations for such equipment:

The boots must be cleaned after each mountain trip.

The soles inside the boots should be removed to allow the inside of the shoes to dry completely.

After drying the boots, it is necessary to apply a special treatment for their waterproofing, i.e. moisture resistance.


How do we clean our boots as efficiently as possible?

Cleaning the boots is a complex and absolutely necessary process to maintain their quality. Of course, this is essential for all the equipment used on a mountain tour. It is recommended that the entire process of cleaning the boots be performed on the day you return home or, at least, the next.

One of the reasons why the cleaning process is so important is the fact that during each use of the shoes, inside the boots, small particles of dust, mud or sand will penetrate, all of which are harmful because they delay and make the drying process more difficult. of them and can, overall, considerably shorten the life of the boots.

The inner soles or the lining inside the boots can be removed and can be washed even in the automatic washing machine. However, it is recommended to check the instructions provided by the manufacturing company before making any decision. Unlike sneakers that have no problem washing them completely in the washing machine, we should never do this with our boots.

In order to remove dust or mud, a brush will do, it is preferable to choose a special brush for cleaning the boots. Prior to this process, the laces must be removed; they will be washed separately. The mountain equipment should be washed with water and detergent especially for its cleaning or, in its absence, the dish detergent can be used, being antibacterial. The dirt must be carefully removed to avoid damaging the surface of the boots. Specialists advise us not to use ordinary soap or detergent for clothes because they may contain bleaches that could leave various residues behind them.

In the case of mold traces on the surface of the boots, it is recommended to use a mixture of 80% water and 20% vinegar, the results being efficient.


How do we dry mountain shoes?

The boots will be allowed to dry at the normal room temperature because too high of a temperature used to speed up the drying process could lead to their deterioration, especially if they are made of leather. Drying the boots with the hairdryer or placing them near various heat sources such as fireplace, campfire, sun, radiator, etc. can lead to loosening of the adhesives used in the manufacture of footwear.

The underside soles will dry outside the boots to allow optimal air circulation inside and complete drying.

However, if we want faster drying of the boots, we recommend placing them near a fan at medium temperature. Another way is to wrap them in a newspaper because it absorbs moisture effectively. The paper should be replaced with a fresh one every hour, in order to speed up the drying process.

With regard to keeping the boots in optimum conditions, they should be stored in a place with normal temperature and good ventilation. Under no circumstances is it advisable to store them in boxes in garages or a storage box, as they do not have adequate ventilation or there is a risk of excessive heat accumulation that will accelerate their deterioration.