NEXT-LEVEL Camping Pot

This Upgraded 1.2 liter- aluminum pot features a nonstick surface and is sized perfectly for the minimalist meals favored by backpackers.

  • - This pot can be heat directly on fire;

    - Windshield design;

    - Heat transmitter;

    - Foldable handles;

    - Pot capacity: 800 ml;

    - Lid capacity: 500 ml;

    - Easy to carry with a mesh bag;

    - Strong bracket for stable support;

    - Weight: 290 g.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

All Ok..


Great!!! Light weight, well made, boils very quickly, coating didn’t change after two boils.


Delivered faster than pizza!!! Thank you to all I recommend Camp Buddy!


Drove 4 days by courier right to the threshold of work. The View and touch is very good, although very delicate... A small container is placed inside, and there is a place under the stand, a small burner and a table appliance such as a trap or a folding spoon. A large cylinder does not climb, it is possible to get into the model without a radiator from below. And the small cylinder bottom down I do not advise to insert, stuck. The capacity of the large scoops, like the Army bowler from a set of 3 in 1. weighs 255 grams against 589 of the same army set, although not titanium, which would weigh no more than 100 grams. Full on a conventional gas stove boiled in 5 minutes, but I think it will be much faster on the burner because. More efficient use of the radiator. The first samples will be in the summer, so I will add the feedback later. Everything fits in a mesh handbag.


The bowler came in intact. Well packed in a box, and wrapped with a puffy film. The view is very high quality. Welding neat and beautiful. I made measurements, I think it will be useful to know when choosing under my burners. Inner diameter of radiator: 66mm. Radiator outer diameter: 106mm. Mass. Bowler: 163 gr. Cover: 91 gr. Set: 254 gr. Volume. (1 Gr. Water = 1 ml. Water) Bowler: = 806 ml. To edge Cover: 496 ml. To the edges The only thing, the packing mesh is impoverished. What is, what is not. Before that, I bought a titanium mug, that's where the mesh is good, thick and softens the blows.